5 Common Heating System Issues

At some point or another, all homeowners are going to experience issues with their heating systems. While there are quite a few things that could come up, there are some that are more common than others. With that being said, if you’re thinking that there’s something going on with your heating system Cincinnati OH, keep reading to see if it’s one of these 5 common issues.

Areas of House Aren’t Being Heated

For starters, a common issue is when only parts of your house are being heated. This is especially bad when it’s in the middle of winter because you don’t want areas of your house to be freezing. More than likely, the issue has to do with damage or blockages to your duct work. You want to make sure you call someone in because you don’t want to be crawling underneath your home in freezing weather try to look at the ducts.

Blowing Cold Air

Another common issue with heating systems is when it’s blowing cold air. This is another bad scenario because a few things can happen in this scenario. For starters, cold air that’s blowing when the temperature outside is freezing can freeze up your pipes. The other big thing is that your house is going to be freezing and not warm like it needs to be. Since there are a few things that could be causing this, the best thing to do is just call in a professional!

Continuously Shutting Off

Heating systems also sometimes have the problem of continuously shutting off. The whole point of having your heating system running is to keep you warm, so having it continuously shut off is the complete opposite of what you need. The bad thing is that when this happens it usually means that there is something going on inside the system and it might end up being a pretty complicated fix.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell coming from your heating system, you want to turn it off as soon as possible. This obviously isn’t the best case scenario if it’s freezing outside, so you’ll want to get someone out to look at it as soon as you can. A burning smell usually means that there are parts overheating and there’s a chance that it could cause a fire in your home.

Weird Sounds

Finally, if you hear any weird sounds, like squealing or knocking, then you need to turn the system off and call a professional. These sounds mean that there is something going on inside the system. If you notice these sounds and continue running the system, there’s also a chance that you can end up damaging the system to a point where you might have to do a complete replacement. Keep in mind, these are only 5 common things that could be happening and there could be other things that are happening as well. If you notice any of these things happening, call in a professional as soon as possible so they can help fix the issue.