The tenants ruined our Heating and Air Conditioning unit

In the rental device that my buddy and I have across the street from our house, my buddy and I usually get truly fantastic tenants, and usually my buddy and I don’t have any troubles with them at all, however this time my buddy and I got some duds! These people have been causing troubles at our rental apartment ever since they moved in last year, and I am just ready to get rid of them altogether, then it’s been one thing after another, they tore up the microwave, the stove, the refrigerator, and now they have torn up the Heating and Air Conditioning unit.

The Heating and Air Conditioning device is the most expensive thing that they have torn up so far and I am truly pretty mad about it! I feel like tenants should truly have more sense than to tear things up in a rental condo that they don’t even own, maybe that’s why they are renting in the first place, though.

I am starting to feel that’s the case because they tear up everything that they touch and they don’t even truly seem to care at all. It is super aggravating as the apartment owner. I am still pretty upset about it, to tell you the truth. The Heating and Air Conditioning system that they tore up was almost brand new, and I don’t know what in the world they did to it, however now nothing is laboring at all. It’s so annoying, but and of course, they aren’t going to pay for it because they say that it isn’t their fault. I feel my buddy and I could press the issue, however if you have ever dealt with a terrible tenant before, then you know how that kind of thing usually goes. I feel that my buddy and I are really just out the currency this time! My pal and I will have to just buy another Heating and Air Conditioning system.
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