Oil to gas conversion and the repair needs

For years I had been living with an oil furnace that barely got the job done. The oil furnace was huge, ugly, and invasive. I hated that I needed to have an on site oil tank. I didn’t like being dependent on oil deliveries. My oil furnace was very good at heating but the eye sore factor is what bothered me most. When I started needing a whole bunch of heating repairs, I decided enough was enough. I made the decision to change from an oil furnace to a gas furnace. In Terrell, TX they can do oil to gas conversions quite easily. The oil furnace’s tank is removed and gas hookups and a flue system are installed. Now I rely on gas rather than oil. The furnace is so much smaller in size and more efficient. I think having an oil heater in Texas just isn’t the best. Gas is a much smarter option. Another benefit is that with a gas furnace you just need to be on top of it with cleanings. I make sure to get regular heating service to double check the condition and care of the device. With a gas furnace it can overheat and catch fire. It can release carbon monoxide. It can be dangerous if you leave it dirty or with a furnace repair. So now what I do is once a year call my Terrell, Texas furnace repair business and have my machine taken care of. I make it a priority to have my heating equipment up to date and safe to operate.


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