Corrosion in my oil furnace on site tank

I have an oil furnace and I started noticing that my on site oil tank was leaking.

For awhile it was a tiny leak that I would just put towels down and immediately mop up.

When I left on a trip and came back a week later, it was a huge mess. I ended up needing to replace my carpet due to the oil leakable. I also figured leaking oil is never a good thing to have in a home. I had to call for a Terrell, TX furnace repair to see if they could assess the damage. So what I had was corrosion in the oil tank. The entire tank needed to be replaced. I could have paid for the repair and been back in business. I saw an opportunity for improvement. I decided that rather than pay for the repair I would do an oil to gas conversion instead. My Terrell furnace dealer does that sort of stuff all the time. Changing from oil to gas was quite simple. The tank was removed and gas hookups and a flue system were installed. Then I got ample square footage back, not dependent on oil deliveries, and a more reliable heating device. Having a gas furnace is just so much better in my opinion. Now I am on it to not experience any furnace repairs though. I don’t want to potentially have issues with my brand new furnace that will reduce the lifespan of it. My goal is to keep this heating system operating for 20 years. Hopefully I can treat it just right.

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