Ended up with a Texas furnace repair when I missed routine service

In Texas most people think we don’t get that cold of weather.

The truth is that we do.

The night gets chilly and even the daytime temps during the winter season are nothing to scoff over. You can’t go without adequate heating in Terrell, Texas. A fully functional heating device is a must have. I rely on a gas furnace to combat the Terrell cold season. Most of the time my gas furnace operates reliably. I used to be really good about calling for furnace service every year. I would get the heater inspected, oiled, tight end, lubricated, and cleaned. It would then work reliably all year and efficiently. It was a done deal. Well one fall season was busier than others. I never seemed to be at home or have the time to call for furnace service in Texas. So I decided to skip it. Well I was paid back for that little move. My furnace immediately went up and quit right in the middle of the winter. Calling for a Terrell, TX furnace repair during the holiday season costs a pretty penny. Thankfully the company I called is a local dealer that understands going without heat isn’t possible. They came to my home right away to replace the worn part and clear away dust. They informed me the issue could have been caught with routine service. I felt super sheepish and I have since vowed I will not be that careless again with my equipment. I am going to prioritize the health, care, and wellbeing of my heater so I don’t go without heat.


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